G PRINTER - 100% UV DLP 3D Printer

Korean renowned DLP 3D printer with 100% UV projection technology, higher expediency than SLA. 

Product Description



The G Printer has been developed with the efforts of Gooo3D’s 3D printing experts and emerged on the market in November 2015. In comparison with traditional SLA 3D printers, G Printer uses a UV engine that it is capable of a much faster printing speed and the post-curing process is skipped entirely.


By projecting layers with 100% UV, a DLP 3D printer delivers quicker print speeds than SLA printers (single point of laser beam). Another key feature is that the printing speed is no longer limited by the size of the object.




About the UV Engine:

Both DLP and SLA 3D printers use ultra-violet beam engines, however, only 10% UV light is used for 3D print for SLA whereas with G Printer it utilises 100% of the UV light and can also completely cure the object during the printing process.



Faster printing speed, light weight, compact design, high performance and user friendly are key features that make the G Printer a hot item among educational institutions, medical and design companies in Korea. Seoul National University, Kunsan University, National Museum of Korea, and K-ICT 3D Printing Centre(Deajeon) are part of the showcase users of G Printer.

Kunsan-Logo1 Seoul National University




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Product Features

UV DLP (Digital Light Processing)
Build Volume 128 x 80 x 145mm
X/Y Resolution 100 microns
Layer Thickness 25 microns
X/Y Resolution 100 microns
Software Bundle G PRINTER STUDIO (Materialise)
File Types STL
Connectivity USB
Operating Systems WINDOWS 10
AC Input 100~240V 18A 50/60Hz
AC Input 100~240V 18A 50/60Hz
Product Dimensions 266 x 340 x 415mm
Product Weight 10kg