The Fai Chun Season

What is a Fai Chun you might be asking?

It is a traditional decoration for Chinese New Year that is used to create a fun and festive environment with common phrases, such as good luck and prosperity. These decorations are typically hand written to create a more personal atmosphere.

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However, the younger generations are always looking to celebrate Chinese New Year in new ways whilst keeping the traditional elements of such decorations. Nowadays, Fai Chun’s are available in a wide variety. For example:

As we were thinking about how we can be even more creative about Fai Chun this year on a sunny Saturday, we thought, why not apply the mass customization capabilities of 3D printing to make our own personally designed Fai Chun?


And so we did! Unlike the traditional paper Fai Chun, the 3D printed ones are not easily damaged. They are relatively much more waterproof and can be put away and reused in the next season. The best part about it is that now you can mix and match new phrases anytime. Like our ideas? Shoot us a message to get a set for your friends and family.